ArtStation - Jakub Rozalski

new sketch for my project, some soviet mech on the field quick 30 min, sketch

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You know what was cool about Pacific Rim? All those giant mechs. You know what's cool about Hugo Martin, the guy who helped design those mechs?

ArtStation - VR concept art, Eddie Mendoza

concept art for a VR game pitch inspired by Miyazaki and Native American mythology.’ for more art,

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Bizarre Paintings Of Mecha Robots And Werewolves Attacking East European Peasants Of The Early Century -Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

[ 黒雲 ]

ART: “Rendez Vous Point” by David Levy Marketing piece for the short film “PLUG”

The Art of Simon Stalenhag 27

Discover The Art of Simon Stålenhag, a Swedish concept designer and author of Ur Varselklotet. Simon Stålenhag (b. is best known for his highly imagi

Launch, Tim Blandin on ArtStation at

Launch, Tim Blandin on ArtStation at