These collage sheets of old newspapers, which might be useful for attic wallpaper, lining trunks, suitcases and old cupboards (and probably ...

Digital collage of old French newspaper pages sized to print on paper. Intended as a resource for miniaturists, suitable for use in on attic walls, lining trunks, etc. For personal use only, may not be offered for resale in printed or digital form.

ビンテージで超高解像度!英字新聞の無料素材10種類 - Free-Style

lots of really neat vintage ads to print for craft ideas/decor! So many ideas floating thru my brain already!

ビンテージで超高解像度!英字新聞の無料素材10種類 - Free-Style

For years I've hoarded a collection of women's magazines dated intending on using them in collage.