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OMG. I'm about to cry. This was so beautiful...:

Oh Father

Oh my goodness. the father is a DITTO! And is the best parent ever! THE FEELS! I didn't realize until the end it was a ditto! At first I was like, what is up with all these other Pokemon are they his friends?

Inspired by vine.co/v/eMbVnBFmlbU This is kind of personal b/c my Wii U is doing the flashing red dot of death crap right now so I am WiiUless at the moment Q_Q I miss Splatoon. Hope you like ...

SHE FOUND THE STASH Noir is a cringe lord Chuunibyou. Also Airalin goans like Tina from Bob's Burgers. The only thing that gets Airalin t. Ask Airalin

The Seven Types of Pokémon Players. Mix the second, third, and last ones and you get me.

The Seven Types of Pokémon Players

The Seven Types of Pokémon Players. on occasion i can be the namer, the gym leader, but usually the last one.


I'm a guy but I was more than happy I got Latias. Most boys want Latios "cuz it looks cooler" nah. Latias is alot cooler and I like her attitude more. She is all around cooler.

He kind of played Pokemon GO before it was cool (pettyartist) {rest in peace, Mr Irwin}

He kind of played Pokemon GO before it was cool (pettyartist)

Pretty sure this is the second or third time I've pinned this...worth it.

The One Trainer Who Has a Reason for Catching Shiny Pokémon. this was actually really touching. I love it. // True story: my fist shiny Pokemon was, you guessed it, a Wooper