THE WORLD OF ASTROLOGY: Capricorn Rising. Ascendant in Capricorn.

I said earlier that I was Aquarius rising, but it turns out that I needed an actual calculator because I wasn't born in America. Your Ascendant: Capricorn


A therapist once said that the moon sign is who you truly are, the sun sign is how you express that, and the rising sign is what you aspire to. I have found that this is pretty accurate :) moon in Aries ♈

I do love my sleep. Although I am fine sleeping alone so long as someone else is in the house somewhere (so I know I'm not totally alone)

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I like to stay calm and stay strong no matter what. Even in tough situations I like to (try to) keep a serene composure and calming voice. The feisty moments come out when someone is trying really hard to pull a fast one on me.

Taurus & Relationships - semi-true. At least, that's what I think I'd act like...

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A wonderful reference, the Pisces zodiac poster explores the qualities of the 12h sign of the zodiac. 8 12" x 11"

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