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Here's something I've been working on for quite some time: a multi-layered diagram of all the structural elements of a pterosaur - basically, . The Structure of a Pterosaur

Argentinadraco. Kellner and Calvo tentatively placed Argentinadraco in the Azhdarchidae. They note the grooves and ridges on the lower jaw were probably met by complementary ridges and grooves on the upper jaw. They speculate that it may have used its blade-like mandible to plow through beach sand in search of prey, grasping it tightly with the ridges and grooves. Argentinadraco lived in the Late Cretaceous, approximately 90 million years ago.

This Argentine pterosaur may have used its blade-like jaws to find food in beach sands.

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Wukongopterus - Nobu Tamura.

These Pterosaurs Ruled the Skies of the Mesozoic Era

Aerotitan sudamericanus, an azhdarchid from the Allen Formation, Late Cretaceous Argentina. So many pterosaurs in my updomg book.

Hornby Island Azhdarchid < Azhdarchidae.

Meet the cat-sized relative of the giraffe-sized azhdarchids that lived on Canada's west coast at the end of the Mesozoic.

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More Pterosaurs for drawdinovember. This time it's the zhejiangopterus. *DISCLAIMER: Once again I'm not a paleo artist nor am I trying to be. So the exploration of sexual dimorphis...

Zhejiangopterus by Vincent-Covielloart on DeviantArt : Classification scientifique Royaume: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Classe: Sauropsida Commande: Pterosaurie Sous-ordre: Pterodactyloidea Famille: Azhdarchidae Genre: Zhejiangopterus Cai & Feng, 1994

Nurhachius - Pteros by Oliver Demuth

An istiodactylid pterosaur from China, Nurhachius shows how far this small family spread during the Early Cretaceous.

Rhamphorhynchus - Pteros

A very well-known pterosaur from Jurassic Germany, this small toothy fisherman is also known from some excellent remains preserved in marine limestone.

Pterosaur Menagerie III by *Julio-Lacerda on deviantART

The last of the series: Tupuxuara, Darwinopterus, Thalassodromeus, Dimorphodon and Istiodactylus. (not to scale) Pterosaur Menagerie III

Types of Flying Dinosaurs | ... pterodactyls and flying mammals in mid air and pin them to the ground

The terrifying flying dinosaur that could unlock the mystery of human evolution