Downhill Skiing

Category Finalist Playground Photographer: Vitek Ludvik Athlete: Tommy Brunner Location: Haines, AK, USA [the kind of skiing I will never do.

Monster wave

Surf Photography by Warren Ishii

Racing ahead - Two pro surfers at Waimea Bay on waves originating from a Pacific storm. They race ahead of an avalanche of tons of water. Photo by Warren Ishii

Cozumel is amazing! The 1st time we had a     day to explore as part of a cruise literary. We ended up snorkeling &     asked about learning to scuba dive. In the following two years we spent a week     each time & became certified divers. Cozumel is an amazing place to     vacation. The diving is absolutely spectacular.

Scuba Diving - reminds me of my first vacation dive to Palancar, Cozumel, Mexico. I loved Cozumel.


I believe that I was made for the winter. With the way i long for frosted and the cold because everytime I see the snow i light up ❄️

Your First Frontside 360s On A Snowboard - YouTube

A Frontside 360 is a trick that every snowboarder should know how to do. It's a classic trick that can always be done to show your snowboarding prowess, so r.

Location : Valhalla powdercats Skier: Tyler Toews  Lead guide at valhalla powdercats.  Check this awesome opperation out at

Location : Valhalla powdercats Skier: Tyler Toews Lead guide at valhalla…

My dreams of being active and starting to do more complex things. Individual team sports, competing only with myself.

Skiing quotes that you should know about. Ski quotes to live and love you life by.