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yoga kittens ... Werkt perfect op de molitli gietvloer van echt beton!!! Zelfs de katten worden er blij van:))

Chocolate Coloured Kitty - 8th December 2014


cat in a salad bowl* HaHa! Reminds me of those awful pictures where they put newborns in bowls and other odd and inappropriate objects, but I like this one because the cat probably climbed in by itself.


Mother's name:lillybloom Kittens names:Orchid,Daisy And Rose Ages:(mom) 20 moons (Kits) 3 moons Personalitys:(mom) Loving (Kits)Playful


these fluffy white kittens just look so darling. more of a dog person, if i were to own a cat, i think a fluffy white cat is what I'd have.

Norwegian Forest Cats .... I would definitely dye their fur with Kool-Aid ... I could do a different color for every occasion, holiday & season ☺

Comprehensive information supported by superb photos of the Norwegian Forest Cat. A website dedicated to this popular cat breed.

Glacier the Cat in the Barn O’Brien Photography GLACIER.what a cool name for and all-white cat!

dreamies.de (c2opcut0fm6.jpg)

When u see a spider and it starts crawling towards u! This is my mom. Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Classy Woman

The breed can be understood in a number of colours and are famous for their intelligence and gentle personalities. It is not uncommon for this breed to relish playing with water.