Erkunde Anker, Arabian Nights und noch mehr!

Anker Pain-Expeller // F. AD. Richter & Cie, Rudolstadt and Nurnberg // 1001 Nights // German trade card, c 1900
Victorian corset ad, circa 1900
Grave of a Protestant woman and her Catholic husband 1888
The Pianola Piano being played by perforated music roll.  [[Aeolian Company advertisement (detail).]] (1906)  New York Public Library
WOMEN: don't let ignorance shut you out from happy married love
ladyfabulous: “ fleetwytchmac: “ decadentlullaby: “ When women used to be depressed or were not “taking care of their men” properly their husbands could send them to the psych ward for attitude...
Heroin – Wikipedia
Seriously??? btw "Mimsy" was the name of her character's CAT in the movie, Bell, Book and Candle 1958.
Gästebuch von Rosenkavalier16
Vintage Shredded Wheat Ad - 1927
Ranwanzen mit Coca Cola