Last week I attended a week long handsawing class, taught by Christopher Schwarz at the Northwest Woodworking Studio in Portland, OR. It was one of the best weeks I've spent woodworking. One of the projects we walked away with was a Sawbench.

A $6 saw bench by Chris Schwarz. Gonna build me a pair of these.

The New $5.87 Sawbench

Sawhorses for The Shop - Workshop Solutions Plans, Tips and Tricks |

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Folding Sawhorse with shelf Plans

Sawhorse Plans

Organização de Oficina - cavalete dobrável / The lip on the shelf holds the sawhorse rigid. To break down the sawhorse, simply lift the shelf.

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I haven't been able to find someone else using the sliding dovetail tenon to join the top (probably because everyon else is smart eno.

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I have that same vice.  Mini Workbench.

This Mini Work bench was a project i had been working on for my job the past few days. The company wanted a show piece for their show room of a traditional style woodworking bench. The bench is made with all wooden joinery using dowel stock as pin.


I made this sawbench based upon a design I saw on Lumberjocks. It's made of poplar left over from my workbench build.