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Or......when you're home alone after watching a scary movie and you hear a noise.

when you're home alone after watching a scary movie and you hear a noise. Relating things to kpop

So true!!! XD

My favorite face is chanyeoles because he looks like a crazed chipmunk

Lee Hong Ki


The face expression *the heck am i suppose to do wit this lobster

salina. on

EXO looking like some of the hottest guys in the world because they are. I love Sehun's outfit tho. His airport fashion is always on point xD

this cracks me up! ='D Though usually I enjoy it WAY MORE to sing the Korean parts I've figured out xD ~ it's much more rewarding. ^_^

lol, mumble/hum the Korean parts and go into full concert mode on the English parts!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhh *breathes* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

187 ~ When EXO was in the US, a male staff member said "hey Bro" to Tao and Tao got pissed off. After a while, Tao went to Kris and asked why the guy called him a bra. Kris laughed so hard

Hi guys! It sure has been a loooong time! *^* , , So i found these gif memes in tumblr and I love ...

Especially if it's a k-pop or Korean joke. This is what my best friend and I look like.

Xiumin get taller... omg what this two are doing? Kkkkk G.G ~ Kris and Xiumin

Awwn♡ Kris & Xiumin,, xiuminie must be on a stair or something haha

Its Tyler who gave sm the idea to form nct then.. Unlimited amount of members, or like 30....dammit Tyler!

sunglasses$0 on

I love Tyler Oakley, but seriously.APiece has 21 members and I can hardly handle them how dare you suggest more! MY FEELS CANT HANDLE ANYMORE <- I heard sm prepared a band's project with 40 boys xD