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Premium Jiaogulan Loose Leaf Tea (100% Gynostemma Pentaphyllum)

Other posters you may like: 'If David Tennant can't fix it then it is a serious problem.' And 'If Loki Laufeyson can't make it worse then it is a serious problem.

TEA PARTY PHOTO POSTCARD 1930 (by star1950)

Tea Party - Photo Postcard, 1930 from the Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh, Scotland

Anka Zhuravleva Assunzione di volo Un modello si siede a tavola come un altro galleggia nel tè versando mezz'aria

Moments in mid air: Piano player kept in suspense as artist floats a new idea

Lissy Elle Photography Li Wei Photography Anka Zhuravleva Photography Mohammed Amine Nasseri, Magda Klukowski Photography Miss Aniela Photography Julia Fullerton-Batten Photography Toby Burrows Photography Ivo Mayr Photography

Soul of Simplicity

Camille's Carry-on Essentials: A fresh perspective on the things that really matter when traveling! I love tea too.

Pretty teacups

How To Throw A Proper Tea Party (Slideshow) I like the mismatched cups and saucers. I love mismatched tea cups and saucers