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“Magic can’t be made safe and it can’t be destroyed. Fear makes men more dangerous than magic ever could”“You know Daisy”, Varric sighs, tone warring between fondness and frustration “That’s a mighty good and sound sentiment. The sad thing is, I think people would be more preoccupied with the fact that you’ve written it in blood”

Magnifique elfe sauvage / Watercolor Teas<---- If Daisy's dangerous just because she's a blood mage, I'm a hippo.

"Niceness before knives, Leliana."

"I love you (my) heart" said Solas in elven to Lavellan, the Elven Inquisitor. Best romance of Dragon Age Inquisition (here there be spoilers for the game)

Dread Wolf.   Over time, many came to associate the words with many things as they pass them by -  On the streets, on the walls of the alienage, on the shiny glass of corporate downtown, sprayed on the pristine facades of the Chantry building. A warning. A rallying cry. A beacon of hope. A reminder - that the Dread Wolf is watching.

Watercolor Teas Wishful watercolors and tea-induced ramblings regarding various things and fandoms.

Watercolor Teas - Chargers

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watercolorteas: “We are the Dalish - Keepers of the lost lore, walkers of the lonely path. We are the last of the Elvhenan And never again shall we submit.

“The Crows buy all their assassins that way. Buy them young, raise them to know nothing else but murder. And if you do poorly in your training, you die.” - by coriphallus  - (very nice art gif)

“The Crows buy all their assassins that way. Buy them young, raise them to know nothing else but murder.” - by coriphallus - (nice Zevran art gif)

DAI_never mess with the stormbulls by schl4fmuetze on DeviantArt

My little herold xD She hates water, coz she isn't able to swim hah : D My dreamteam is Dorian, Blackwall and Cassandra! They're the strongest heh~ And I love Blackwalls voice, coz its the voice of.

#DAI #Dagna This is so how I imagine her if she would live in our world. ^_^

“So, that’s the third one this month” Leliana placed the morning newspaper on the counter between her and her scowling friend. “I don’t understand why you’re so unhappy, Cassandra - The explosion was kind of big, and I guess Dagna got a bit carried.

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Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age and Dragon Age: Inquisition I pin Dragon Age stuff so much. I apologize lol. One of my favorite game series though, I can't help myself, I'm addicted.