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minaret, Source : http://www.flickr.com/photos/darrellg/8406188737/in/gallery-shamaty2-72157632556415048/

“ Morocco - Marrakech - Koutoubia Mosque Minaret 02 (by Darrell Godliman) ”

York, England | 17 Actual Towns That Look Just Like Hogsmeade Don't know about Hogsmeade, but someplace I want to visit when we go.

York, England

York, England, a wonderful medieval walled town ♥. This was my second favorite place I went too in the UK. It is actually a really funky, hip town.

2. Interno della Moschea Blu : L'interno della Moschea Blu è suggestivo, prendetevi del tempo per ammirare la bellezza e l'immensità del luogo e tutte quelle intricate piastrelle blu che adornano l'interno.

bobbycaputo: “ The Blue Arch of a Mosque in Esfahan Photo and caption by Tandis Khodadadian; Photographed April Esfahan, Iran ” Cyan and electric blue! IN THE SAME PLACE!