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"Homicide Victims Rarely Talk to Police," and Other Horrible Headlines - Freakonomics

Long Lost Dumbass Newspaper Headlines!  As a copy editor, I can attest that people actually write stuff like this.

who or what will survive a nuclear attack? 'lawyers and cockroaches' it has been said.) they're baaaa-aaack :) lol - apr 3 2015

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Yes, this actually happened in Barnstaple, Devon.

28 Unforgettable Things Local Newspapers Told Us In 2013

We hate math, say 4 in 10 - a majority of Americans

We hate math, say 4 in 10 - a majority of Americans

i'd be worried if they did

Justice Don Willett on

That's great news! The mechanics just weren't working out...

32 Hilarious Epic Newspaper Fails

From bad ad placement to sexually innuendo laced headline to just poor writing, these funny and absurd newspaper fails are home-delivered hilarious.