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YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES. With Helen Mirren as "mummy"

YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES. Unfortunately, for the Sherlock fandom to get something they want, a human sacrifice must be made to Moffatiss.<<<<< comment is awesome

What is it like in their funny little brains? It must be so boring.

" Yes I totally get this weird Nerdy feeling and the Rush of Fangirling over them. Esp when they have a Picture that looks like they are on the Setlock of Sherlock.You can't just stop the fangirling.

Personally I'm ok with the mustache, as long as Moffat's purpose is to have everyone bust up laughing at every cut of John lol

"John cannot have a mustache. John has a moustache in all of them. But he still can't have a mustache.

reruns and cookies trumps college parties <-- agreed @souzoo. that's exactly what we looked like senior year

who needs a social life, anyway? Social life is so last year. Having a multiple fandoms are the trends now.

We all know who this is referring to XD my mother now refers to him as cucumber guy...because I showed her this... I will still know who she is talking about.

Benedict cumberbatch

normal people couldn't come up with this if they tried

"I want the lifetime pass to British Actor Petting Zoo. I would pet Cumberbatch all day.


We all knew she was head over heels for him by this point, but here we can absolutely say for certain that he felt the same about her.

That's a deep, deep love.

I love you as much as British Television.and I love how it's the opening to Sherlock, which is the ultimate British show that I LOVE


Myers Myers Hance admit it. You're super insanely jealous that my name is the root of the word that means relating to hedgehogs.

I don't know what you're talking about, I AM myself, and I AM Benny's girlfriend....

And if you can be Benedict Cumberbatch's girlfriend as yourself? You win.

hahahahahaha, this just made my night

Yo Benedict, RDJ, Imma let y'all finish, but Wishbone was the best Sherlock Holmes of all time.