Just saw Captain America:Civil War today.  Pretty sure this guy (Martin as agent Everett Ross) has his own agenda.  Looking forward to seeing more of him in the Black Panther movie. (at least I hope he's in the Black Panther movie!)

this made me almost scream in the cinema because 1 its Martin Freeman in freakin Marvel 2 He was doing an American accent which was kinda bad but bless him

This is why I love Martin Freeman ❤️

This is why I love Martin Freeman ❤️>>>pink, purple and blue just seems to radiate around this man

Martin Freeman: Hot damn!

““Freeman concedes: ‘I can’t leave the house unless I’m happy with my appearance. It’s a sickness. It’s a nightmare for Amanda.’” - Martin Freeman photographed by Philip Sinden for The Times (April.

"Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington at the "His Last Vow" table read."-- I bet that was fun to sit through. I would imagine just letting those two adlib their way through would be comedy gold.

Adorableness between Amanda and Martin at the table read for S3E3

Martin and Amanda at the "His Last Vow" table reading. First Martin and Amanda then Mary and John. *sobs* Even though I'm a Johnlock shipper, I do miss Mary so.

“Martin Freeman laughing ♥ - Fox 5 DC Black Panther interview x ”

“Martin Freeman laughing ♥ - Fox 5 DC Black Panther interview x ”

my-edits-have-no-remorse: “Martin trying to keep a straight face after messing up his line and then losing it after Mackie said something and made him laugh is too cute. xD ”

Martin Freeman in the Captain America: Civil War blooper reel - swearing and laughing - basically being himself

Martin Freeman Joins Marvel's Black Panther Cast

Get ready for the May 6 release of Marvel Studios' Captain America: Civil War with a look at the film's major players in our Civil War characters guide!

saw this pose ref at twitter the other day and I was like, I NEED MORE STRANGE/ROSS GODAMNIT FU

Goddammit why does everyone ship Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's characters together?

Martin Freeman as Everett Ross in Black Panther teaser trailer

rominatrix: ““Martin Freeman as Everett Ross in Black Panther Teaser Trailer x ” ”

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