an artist's life for me.

When I see a photo like this it lessens my guilt over the 45 years of brush collection I presently own. Artists always have a variety of jars and bottles containing brushes and art supplies

il était une fois...

I did this but the celotwo economy lost its stick and they just fell off. Maybe I should use stronger tape :/

Dark Silence In Suburbia

CHLOE OSTMO 'FALLING' - nice installation using Photography (from Brighton Uni degree show I can't find the perfect example but the idea is art that must be viewed from a certain location to be understood. For the community participation art project?

e-stocado: “ Luciano Perna ”

gallowhill: “ Luciano Perna, life is full of surprises, more or less interesting. Installation view at Downtown Photoroom, Los Angeles, 2014 ”

‘Street Style’ by Candice Lake, Westfield Doncaster 2013.

An interactive exhibition to highlight Candice Lakes photography campaign ’Street style’. The photographs are housed within a series of curious free standing camera light boxes that formed a 360 view of the street style portraits.

Moodboard 1405

Moodboard 1405

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Murmúrios Exhibition - Exhibitions / studio andrew howard

Murmúrios Exhibition - Exhibitions / studio andrew howard images would be at eye level and reproduced at a life size proportion.

Most plays had a breakthrough in this period, in which the conventional theater became a theater with no boundaries, messy scenography and acts or scenes.

Video installation ~ 'Attempt to fill an empty space (Performance Anxiety)' by Andrew Newman 2008 After Boltanski?

Jo Longhurst: Other Spaces (exhibition)

Other Spaces: Jo Longhurst's stunning shots of gymnasts are a joy to behold

For The Blind Sophie Calle photographed people who are blind and asked them what their image of beauty was. In the resulting work she presents a framed black and white or color portrait of each subject (men and women of a variety of ages), a framed statement describing their idea of beauty, and one or more color photographs illustrating their description. The Blind explores the imagination and experiences of those who have never seen as interpreted by one who does see--artist Calle.  The…

‘The Blind’, Sophie Calle asked blind people to describe what beauty is. The last one is empty- he said he didn't need beauty in his brain.

estilo industrial. canos e conduítes metálicos aparentes, tijolinhos descascados, do cimento do queimado do chão muito aço e peças funcionais e reaproveitadas. Em contraponto à frieza do metal, a madeira rustica, o couro, tecidos com textura mais grossa, como jeans, linho, sarja ou lona em almofadas, mantas e tapetes, suavizam e diluem o ar de fábrica, deixando a casa mais aconchegante.

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