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My love life

I would be the girl in the background, kissing the pole.<<Dude at first I didn't even see that girl kissing the pole.

Puberty... I lost it at Cookie. Then I really lost it at Jensen.. And then Romney came and ruined the whole thing.

Funny pictures about How to master puberty. Oh, and cool pics about How to master puberty. Also, How to master puberty.

Creepypasta Memes by dragonladydoctor on Polyvore featuring art and creepypasta

sexualised Creepypastas are just weird. Ben is a fucking 12 years old looking pixel boy, he won't have Abs!

Once I rose above the noise and confusion just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion I was soaring ever higher but I flew too high through my eyes I could see I still was a blind man through my mind could think I still was a mad man I hear the voices when I'm dreaming I can here them say...

<< omfg its Carry On My Wayward Son omfg this is like my two fave fandoms combined (supernatural and creepypasta)

Comic strip - Bill Cipher wake up by TheCreatorsEye.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Well I wondered how Bill would sleep since he's y'know a triangle lol. Comic strip - Bill Cipher wake up



What up my knittah!

Bob’s Burgers Celebrated in Knit and Crochet!

Funny pictures about Knitter for life. Oh, and cool pics about Knitter for life. Also, Knitter for life.

Fluffle Flop by Thunderhawk03 on deviantART <----- IT'S SO PINK AND FLUFFY

I just wanted to make something totally random, something totally stupid as my last thing in (And I wanted to draw Fluffle Puff as well) And who can Flop the best? Of course Fluffle Puff, she.

Play with me....FOREVER.  Fan Girls: omg yes! -they die- Me: ....NEVER!! HAHAHAHAHAH -runs away-

Ehi Togheteeer I made this new fan art of an italian Creepypasta: Jason The ToyMaker by it's just awesome that CreepyPasta &nbs. Jason The ToyMaker -FanArt