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This image reenacts a moment in the last few hours of life of a pack of Utahraptor (a theropod dino) and the Hippodraco (an iguanodontian dino) that lured them to their miry fate in a patch of Early Cretaceous Utah quicksand.

This Is What Dinosaurs Having Sex Would Have Looked Like 5 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

this is not something one ever expects to see. [Sauroposeidon dinosaurs mate: Biologist Stuart Landry believes that big dinosaurs would just fall over on land and would have needed water to provide support.

Life Before the Dinosaurs: Wiwaxia.

Wiwaxia was one of the weirdest of all the oddball animals of the Burgess Shale. It had a foot like a snail, a shell like a limpet, and scal.

paleoillustration: The Singing Sauropod by  Stephen Somers

paleoillustration: The Singing Sauropod by Stephen Somers

<b>Featuring a whale with legs and a vegetarian crocodile.</b> From Julius Csotonyi's new book of paleoart.

This whale with legs.

This whale with legs. “Dorudon is a wonderful example of an intermediate stage in the evolution of modern whales from legged terrestrial animals, for this animal possessed a pair of hind flippers,” Csotonyi says.

#JURASSICISLAND http://mashable.com/2014/09/11/dinosaur-larger-than-t-rex-swam-ate-sharks/?crlt.pid=camp.pYWHJrEBTeAR#99mDsDwKqPq3

The Spinosaurus measured more than 9 feet longer than the world's largest documented T-rex specimen - Prehistoric artwork.

Chasmosaurus with a pack of Dromaeosaurus

Discover a selection of recent artworks made by independent Indian artist, Mukesh Singh, who's recently worked for Marvel.

Paraceratherium. Larges known land mammal (about 16 ft tall at the shoulders). Prehistoric herbivore.

Largest known land mammal (about 16 ft tall at the shoulders), like a really really really big rhino.

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus 2015 by DELIRIO88 on DeviantArt

My very first paleoart of the year. The subject is one of the dinosaurs most discussed of After almost a century after its discovery the appearance of Spinosaurus&nbsp;