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This kid is funny #sexhumor https://www.facebook.com/AdultJokeBook

Funny pictures about Evil plotting baby. Oh, and cool pics about Evil plotting baby. Also, Evil plotting baby photos.

Red head

Should a redheaded Ninja be referred to as a 'Ginja'. hahahha this is too funny

This young hacker says, "Your ignorance is my job security." Sad, but true. When you use online services or connected devices without understanding and dealing with the risks, somebody will be in a position to benefit from your exposure.

If you're having code problems I feel bad for you son. I got a 99 problems but a glitch ain't one.

Stupid people

Check out all our Camping Fail funny pictures here on our site. We update our Camping Fail funny pictures daily!

Nested chair(s), very cool

Inception chair.

Chairs upon chairs. The Inception Chair by RISD student Vivian Chiu is a series of ten interlocking chairs made of ash, meant to mimic the dream-within-a-dream concept from the 2010 film Inception. Clever idea because making more use with little space.


Funny Family Photos With Pets If you like awkward family photos, then you would love these pictures. It's still funny family photos, but now with pets.

O.O  ...BAAHAHAAA!!! Cigarette Holder for Nudists (Jan, 1938).

Background info article on NYC nudists - Good to know in case you decide to become a nudist and start smoking


Icy greenish blue is illuminated with ivory and jet black to make a lovely sea glass opaque indeed!