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I Have a (Puzzling) Dream

Designer Pete Fecteau spent much of 2010 creating this amazing Rubik's Cube mosaic of Dr., comprised of individual Rubik's Cub.

Colored pencils!  Too funny,,  Cross country jump idea

Color Pencils Artist: Jonna Pohjalainen, Helsinki Location: Pedvale, Latvia Local aspen trees sharpened and ends painted to resemble colored pencils. Now that's one HUGE colored pencil!

Joo Heng Tan Sand Sculpture

Ad agency Lowe Singapore got three-time world champion sand artist JooHeng Tan to build a series of (that's what the press note says) dirt sculptures for OMO detergent.

Peter Fectau - "Dream Big"

MLK portrait, "Dream Big" made out of Rubix Cubes! by Pete Fecteau

Black Art, Art History, Singers

Superman Rubik's Cube Mosaic Stop Motion

It's my Rubik's Cube Mosaic of the Superman Logo. This video is also a Stop Motion animation which took hundreds of photos to create.

Free do it yourself fence designer

Free do it yourself fence designer

Innovación ciudadana: Inteligencia colectiva para el empoderamiento global

Work by talented Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer Ben Heine. From a series he calls "Drawing vs Photography" or "Imagination vs Reality"