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60 Unique 2013 Calendar Designs

Welcoming 2013: 60 Unique Calendar Designs

desktop calendar by Monkey Mind Design with geometric shapes and patterns in bold overlapping colors. It comes with a paper easel stand

Cut Out Number Calendar — ACCESSORIES -- Better Living Through Design

Cut Out Number Calendar 2013 - Simple and graphic cut out numbers form this 2013 wall calendar.

This is The Life Calendar by Brigada Creative. It isn’t a traditional calendar, it doesn’t have any dates. The Life Calendar’s just got a bunch (365, to be exact) of circles so you can draw an emoticon based on how you feel about your day. If you’ve got a long string of sad faces you might want to re-evaluate your life. You know, like talk to a therapist, take anger management classes, or I dunno, start looking at the bright side. At least you’re alive, right? And, uh, you have a calendar…

“Life Calendar: How was your day? by Brigada Creativa “ Life Calendars is a serie of a different calendars which highlights an aspect of life.

캘린더 디자인이다 캘린더 날짜칸에 대제목을 쓸수있고 펼치면 자세한 내용을 쓸수있게 활용할수있게 디자인해둔듯 싶다

캘린더 디자인이다 캘린더 날짜칸에 대제목을 쓸수있고 펼치면 자세한 내용을 쓸수있게 활용할수있게 디자인해둔듯 싶다

Everyone really is so f-ing talented these days. Its amazing what students can produce whilst they're still at college.

The diary introduces on one typeface every day, including a brief history of the typeface and a piece of design that features it. The idea was to keep students inspired every day, while helping them.

Clean Desktop Calendar 2016 Template PSD #design Download: http://graphicriver.net/item/clean-desktop-calendar-2016/13971717?ref=ksioks

Clean Desktop Calendar 2016, 2017, 2018

Buy Clean Desktop Calendar 2018 by firudra on GraphicRiver. Clean Desktop Calendar 2016 This template can be used for making desk calendar of a corporate company as well as oth.

ashion desk calendar - interchangeable

This uses the 2 materials paper and plastic really well by combining them to show the information. I could try to create the product by using 2 or more materials and combining them to show the date.

DPlanet Calendar 2013 | 41 Cool & Creative Calendar Design Ideas for 2014 | bashooka.com

41 Cool & Creative Calendar Design Ideas For 2014

Creative Calendar Design Ideas For 2014 - DPlanet Calendar 2013 on Behance