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Get inspiredWe gathered 44 creative examples of high-quality and creative brochures for your inspiration and also included some great websites with helpful

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40 Unique and Beautiful Examples of Brochure Design

CirclePharma - Brochure by Rebrand Advertising and Design Inc. in Showcase of Creative Brochure Print Designs

diseños de folletos creativos                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

The White House Project's 2011 EPIC Awards are a celebration of women's leadership in the media and in popular culture. Event: April 2011 in IAC Building in NYC // Hyperakt

Image Brochure "Die Gewürzkönigin"

Image Brochure "Die Gewürzkönigin"


Rebrand - Brochure by Rebrand Advertising and Design Inc. The brochure features illustrative photography to showcase the companies core services. The cover doubles as a pocket folder to house additional company literature.

city travel brochure 05

15 City Travel Brochure Examples for Design Inspiration

Key: Slovenia | Contemporary Slovenian Writers by Tomato Kosir, via Behance.  Double binding with bookmark insert.

A give-away booklet of Contemporary Slovenian Writers was created for the Frankfurt book fair. First half presents Slovenian Humanists and the second half Social scientists.client: Ministry of Culture RSdesign: Tomato Koširprinted by: Grafex

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grid design system 25 Inspiring Brochure Designs - Brochure Design 1 gridded/fitted photographic and colour shapes look abstract but compliment type when placed around or near