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Arabischer Krieger, 7. Jahrhundert

Assignment 7 - Crusades soldier ref Saracen c. artwork by Johnny Shumate

Frankish Warrior - 500s AD by Angus McBride. From the Germanic Warrior book in the Man-at-Arms series


Frankish Warrior, c. / Angus McBride, Germanic Warrior, Man-at-Arms series

Image result for knights armed with great weapons

Image result for knights armed with great weapons

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saracen - Google Search

Saracen was a generic term for any Muslim invader during the Middle Ages

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Moro warrior from the Philipines, shown wearing locally made mail and plate armor.

Andalusían Knight and warriors c. 11th century ./tcc/

Warriors of Islamic Spain: Andalusian infantryman, Andalusian cavalryman, Berber-Andalusian light cavalryman, Andalusian infantry archer