Explore A Lion, Legs, and more!

Carving the thigh...

Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2015 FINALISTS – 8 of 15 Images A lion’s claws fixed on the leg of its giraffe prey in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania. Image by Stijn Cavens.

Three lions...

Three of Africa's famous Big Five are caught on camera by lucky tourists!

A male lion in Kruger National Park, South Africa

A fight breaks out as three male lions catch a lioness chewing on their food.

Lion eating

A rare sighting of Ginger the lion in South Luangwa - Africa Geographic

Lions in Tanzania

Safari season in Tanzania - Africa Geographic

A lion is injured while fighting for his pride

The after math of a fight between male lions can leave a lot of damage behind, this male lion may be the victor but he has the scars to prove it.

Lions show a spot of affection ©Berenice Meintjes

Here are 6 interesting things you need to know about lion interactions.

Lions in the Ngorongoro Reserve in Tanzania.

8 memories from 4 months travelling through Africa - Africa Geographic

A pride of lions try to suss a baby crocodile out!

A lion cub has enough of a newly-hatched crocodile.

Lion with unusual prey, a mongoose

One morning in the bush results some exciting predator sightings at Savuti Marsh.

A lion hunts a baby puku in Luangwa

Lioness outrun by baby puku in a race for life - Africa Geographic

The rare white lions of the Timbavati are a sight to behold.

The dark-maned king of the Kalahari having a lie down.

With one-third of its bulk in South Africa and the other two in neighbouring Botswana, the Kgalagadi Transfontier Park covers an uninterrupted 30 000 square kilometres of distinctive desert landscape.

A lioness and her cub

Lion drama plays out at camp - Africa Geographic

A lion family quarrel

After some quality family time, a quarrel breaks out between two lion brothers for the best spot in the shade.