"A photograph keeps a moment from running away. Everytime I'm upset photography helps me pull myself out of it (mostly God helps me though)

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A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart, and leaves the viewer a different person for having seen it" ~Irving Penn

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10 cute easter photo ideas I am going to shoot someone A bunch of great advice to start a photography business~ just a thought for when I k.

No one said to Picasso, "You have an outstanding set of brushes." :)

It's not the camera that takes the pictures, just as it's not the stove that makes the dinner. You can have a cruddy camera and still take good pictures.and you can have an amazing camera and still take cruddy pictures.

LOVE - this is something I believe in.  And with digital cameras, the photos can be unlimited!

Take more Pictures. Storage is Unlimited. Memories are Fleeting & Life is Short :) / Hand Lettering Quotes by Sean McCabe, via Behance

A Camera Did Not Make A Great Picture Anymore Than A Typewriter Wrote A Great Novel

"A camera didn't make a great picture anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel." - Peter Adams (Although, a photographer can take better photos with a better camera.