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I'm that type of girl

That type of girl that will roll over on her back and let you inside if you make her smile, stuff her face into your big ass unshaved bush if you made her giggle even. Talk about lowered standards.

infp infj intp (honestly, that's why I read and watch movies, for a brain break)

And I think and think. And then I get music playing and talk to people about random things. Because thinking hurts my brain. And hurting just plain sucks.

death red blood depressed depression sad suicidal suicide self harm cut cutting scars devil depressive self-hate selfharm suicidal tought<<< Um you do realise those are lyrics to 'Iris' by the Goo Goo Dolls, right?

Frankly, it's my biggest pet peeves. It's one of the biggest problems in this world. Please just don't

the pain of the truth is better than a lie. A Lie is salt on top of a wound.the salt is the lie.it hurts more and prohibits healing.

where did that bruise come from?

story of my life. That and an iron deficiency are the cause for all my random bruises. Most of them occur at work for misjudging how close I am to things. Especially the wall behind Ughh gets me every damn time.