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Textural color and patten with the negatives of natural icons and imagery subtracted. Sort of like stamping or watercolor painting. Could easily be done with the multiple green hues.


Your brochure design can make or break that chance. If you want to get the brochures design inspiration you might see it in the Brochure Design Inspiration.


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In this 2.3 hour real-time walkthrough by Jeff Finley, you will learn how to create poetic and nostalgic images using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. You’ll learn how to create rich typography, creative portrait illustration, and vintage tricks and hacks. Other topics are sketching, concept development, type treatments, retro lighting techniques, wacom tablet illustration and line art, graphic design composition and layout and photo manipulation. We guarantee you’ll learn…

Design for the song “Andrew Jackson” by Parachute Journalists. You can also purchase the video tutorial to learn how I created this piece from start to finish! Parachute Journalists by Parachute Journalists