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Rocket Golf

If done well, negative space logos are an awesome way to make a logo memorable. Negative space is the process of making use of the space around a logo to

Logo Design: Serif - Part 2

Very nice logo for Synergy Golf by Florin Capota

Very nice logo for Synergy Golf by Florin Capota

Logo design by Skyberry Studio

Logo design by Skyberry Studio

Formal presentation with a creative way of blending the F and r together.

Collection of Well Thought and Fresh Logo Designs

clean and simple logo, beautiful!

Logo Typeandsigns Royal Paint

A horizontal logo created by Lorena & Bernd Mirbach.


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Minimalism in Logo Design: Positively Perfect Negative Spaces

Music Crown monogram

30+ Handpicked Monograms for Design Inspiration

Here are 95 Excellent Monogram Logo Designs for inspiration, focusing on monograms in particular.

Element of Sound #logo

Element of Sound Logo

I like this logo because it is supposed to be a view of a window from the outside looking in. This is a very interesting take on a logo and I think they really pulled it off. I like how they do not define anything but leave it to negative space to form the logo.  I also like the simple nature of the text that ties in well with the simple nature of the rest of the design.

The Logo Design series is up and running!

Tulipart Logo Design

Tulipart Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

Logo Faves | Logo Inspiration Gallery

Newest Logos

Last week we published a collection of green and leafy logo designs for some inspiration, and today the focus shifts to colorful logos. For more sources of logo design inspiration, see Top 10 Sources of Logo Design Inspiration.

Cool logo - the visual plays well on the company name.

Creative Colorful Logo Designs for Inspiration

Mouse (diseño: Johnson Banks)

Mouse logo by Johnson Banks