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You gotta start eating out of a different parking lot. This is hilarious! I always see the most fat pigeons in the Walmart parking lot (the one's with McDonald's in them)!

Lookout Ice Hole

I've fallen in a ice hole. An ice hole. A big ice hole. You're trapped in this big hairy ice hole.

Chilling. However, winter is almost over!

Funny pictures about Keeping the neighbor kids out of your yard. Oh, and cool pics about Keeping the neighbor kids out of your yard. Also, Keeping the neighbor kids out of your yard.


I'm always disappointed when a liars pants don't catch on fire!

Quilt. Humor

12 Sewing and Quilting Memes Sewers Understand All Too Well

I've already thoutght about making a voodoo doll pincushion but there is no one that I would pin. I'll think a little more, there must be someone lol

Craig Newmark as a Little Kid Giving His Christmas List To Santa

Craig Newmark as a Little Kid Giving His Christmas List To Santa

Gun-nut humor...

Funny Shotgun Shell Cartoon Fired Pun Image Joke - What happened to you? I got fired

Off the Mark - Mark Parisi

Cookie monster complains about getting the wrong gift for Christmas. “It’s like you don’t even know me!” oh, yeah… C is for Cookie… Related Amish Christmas Lights We Decided …

It might take a minute... but eventually, you'll see it.

Elmo is rethinking lunch. <-- oh my gosh.<--- but but but fozzy and kermit and miss piggy are muppets and elmo is in sesame street they arent even in the same universe this is wrooonnnggg

crabby road maxine cartoons - Yahoo Image Search Results

If you would like to see what Maxine is up to daily, visit Hallmark's site Crabby Road . Check out the archives, too. It's fun!

Ha Ha Ha...

Christmas Light Hang Out funny funny quotes humor christmas christmas lights christmas quotes christmas quote christmas humor

My Mimi had this card hanging on her computer hutch for years....

Here is a new joke in our Animals category. In that joke, a bunny keeps asking if a men sell cheese. A funny bunny joke that all the family can enjoy.

Moo moo

Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday to eat and spend time with family. It is also a holiday where you eat too much and have to deal with annoying family. Here is some funny Thanksgiving images to make you laugh on this upcoming holiday.