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This was such an amazing movie

Fox (voiced by Meryl Streep): "You know, you really are. Fox (voiced by George Clooney): "I try." -- from The Fantastic Mr. Fox directed by Wes Anderson

Dot Girl Blog: Fantastic Mr. Fox Costumes

Fox movie so we are very excited to dress up as Ash (me) and Kristofferson (Duncan) for Halloween.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Couples Costume

I had such a fun Halloween weekend! Joel and I helped hand out candy at my mom's house on Thursday night, and then went to a Halloween .

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Motivation for underdogs: "Probably you should put on your bandit hat on now. Personally I don't have one, bit I modified this tube sock.

Tutorial for Fantastic Mr. Fox fox tails and ears

Fox fox tails and ears. Could work for Fenris Ulf as well as other werewolves (But, in the book there is a fox that was turned into stone)