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David Teniers der Ältere - 1638 "Jupiter hands Io, who has been transformed into a heifer, to Juno"  This is one of the first stories that we are introduced to. After raping Io, Jupiter transforms her into a heifer and gives her to Juno to try and get away with cheating on her

David Teniers der Ältere - Jupiter hands Io, who has been transformed into a heifer, to Juno - Fine Art Reproduction

Juno, Roman goddess of marriage and wife of Jupiter

Hera/Juno - Goddess of Marriage, Family, Wife's, Air, Heaven and Queen of God's.

Aglaonike. 2nd century BC Thessaly.  Cited as the first female astronomer in Greece. People thought she was a sorceress for her ability to make the moon disappear when she really was just predicting the time and area when a lunar eclipse would occur.  A number of female astronomers associated with Aglaonike during this time were referred to as “the witches of Thessaly”.

century BC), also known as Aganice of Thessaly is cited as the first female astronomer in ancient Greece History

Roman Goddess Juno - Juno was the Goddess of marriage, pregnancy and childbirth.  She was the Queen of the Gods and part of the Capitoline triad that also included Minerva and Jupiter.  This Deity was an embodiment of the traditional female roles of wife and mother.  One of her titles was Lucino (meaning light) as she helped to bring children into the light of this world at birth. She was also said to set and strengthen a child's bones.  She was also Goddess of conception, a Goddess to be...

Juno – Queen of Heaven

Hera was the greatest of all the Olympian goddesses. She was the eldest daughter of Cronus and Reay. After the battle culminated in which Zeus Olympic power was established, he was married to Hera

Gustave Moreau - Le Paon se plaignant à Junon

art-centric: The Peacock complaining to Juno Gustave Moreau, 1881

juno goddess | Locate these Goddesses in your natal astrology chart - COMING SOON!

This is another picture of Juno by "Iris". It has a peacock in it which represents Juno.

Zeus--god-of-the-gods--greek-mythology  Silence is the language of God. All else is poor translation. Rumi

Zeus god of the gods greek mythology Greek Gods List, Zeus images Zeus greek god Zeus God zeus Prometheus Poseidon pictures of zeus.

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Yggdrasil///Old Norse Cosmology: Texts, Translations, Scholarship

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4 makes me picture Hades as the typical exasperated older brother, constantly annoyed by the antics of his ne'er-do-well baby brother.

The four major tribes into which the Greeks considered themselves to have been divided in the ancient period were Ionians, Dorians, Aeolians and Achaeans (Achaeans was a colloquial name for Mycenaeans).

Detail of Berlin Painter name vase. Three figures in one contour. Hermes, fawn and satyr.

❤ - Pompeii Casa dei Vettii , Pasiphae

Roman fresco from the northern wall of the triclinium in the Casa dei Vettii in Pompeii featuring Daedalus, Pasiphae, and a wooden cow. Daedalus created the Labyrinth on Crete, in which the Minotaur was kept.

Timing by emedeme

Timing by emedeme on DeviantArt<<<<<<< Poor Hades.



"Venus, and Bride"  Roman Imperial  A sheer palla over a stola which is decorated in the center front with clavi

Free Etruscan girls: "Turan/Venus and Bride" Roman Imperial A sheer palla over a stola which is decorated in the center front with clavi