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Frutiger Type Specimen Booklet By Michael Pearce

Nice use of lines and arrows to create strong brand for book, theme used consistently throughout book

2009: Type Specimen Portfolio on SVA Portfolios

Type Specimen Portfolio on SVA Portfolios

futura type specimen poster - Google Search

A very nice organization and grid type format that we see here for this typeface. The simple organized layout allows for an easy view and the extended lines from the letters create a sense of organization and order.

Neue Haas Grotesk - Type Specimen Poster by Chica Yoshida, via Behance

Type Specimen design for one of my favourite typefaces – Neue Haas Grotesk.The digital version of Helvetica that everyone knows and uses today is quite different from the typeface’s pre-digital design from released as Neue Haas Grotesk,…

negative space - a lot of space for interpretation --- how to use the corporate font...

More from Black Watch Global Identity Guidelines. Section on headline and copy styles and Grid

love this poster because it actually fits the parameters exactly of what this project is asking for! it only uses the characters in the typeface, it has all the info necessary, and it looks AWESOME! love the creativity all over this thing. what a fantastic poster.

Typographic specimen and postcards made for the free font Dosis, designed by Impallari Types

How cool would it be to do an alphabet book of all of the people you knew? 26 important people.

Robin Uleman Update

book design print cover layout spread editorial portrait photography type scale the first one is so very nice. Maybe we can try with transparent paper instead.

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For Tom's Design history class this week we were assigned a subject and from that subject required to design a informational poster and present it. My topic was the family and the typeface of Didot.