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Hilarious teacher sayings! Every teacher or future teacher needs to read these! I couldn't stop laughing :)-Yes, I was the talker in school! For my teacher friends!

Have each class add their fingerprints in a new color each year! On the back, put your fingerprint in each color and write the school, year, and grade next to it, so you have a reference guide. This would be an inspirational way to remember all the lives you have been a part of through the years.

Wish i would have thought of this 10 years ago. -Have each class I teach add their fingerprints in a new color each year! How awesome will this be when I have been teaching for a long time.good first year teacher gift

Budding Bloggers Showcase {Hannah from The Classroom Key}

Budding Bloggers Showcase {Hannah from The Classroom Key}

When I say"No Talking",your mouth should not be moving!

teacher's dictionary definition for talking.this is a great article, more for middle school but definitely adaptable for fifth grade.STOP TALKING!

Classroom Management for Middle School: Tips for New and Veteran Teachers

Classroom Management for Middle School

Learn alongside my middle school classroom as we explore educational technology, best teaching practices, and integrating both for student success!

Use Wordle for class list and then frame to display...

{Keep It Simple, Sister}: Fast and Fabulous Teacher Gift I am going to make this for teacher gifts this Christmas! Easy peezy with my Storybook Creator Software.

Classroom management for middle and high school classrooms. 3 rules and 4 consequences and how they work in an actual classroom

The educational strategies I use in my classroom are things I continuously reflect on and develop. The behavior management of my middle sc.