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Effortless, feminine, modern - Aerin Lauder describes her style in Mark Sikes blog.
Take A Tour Of This Designing Duo's Covetable Crib And Closets #refinery29   So you were a dentist! Why the interest in pearly whites? "My family is very driven by academics, and my parents were always pushing me to have a professional education. I’m happy to have my dental degree, but I find that people put you in a box depending on your profession. A degree doesn’t define you!"Do you think you’ll ever return to dentistry? "My fashion…
Here's a creative solution for city dwellers looking to maximize space: Brooklyn-based architect Peter Pawlak integrated a pair of built-in desks right into a couple's bedroom, creating a home office that can be hidden away when not in use.
Méchant Design
Konsoltische | Tische | Ginza | Longhi | Alessandro La Spada. Check it out on Architonic
Kitchen with pressed-tin ceiling.
Sam's Creek : Moderne Schlafzimmer von Bates Masi Architects
A Fashion Blogger-Inspired Closet/Office -