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Bill Clinton meeting John F. Kennedy.

A Young Future President, Bill Clinton, Meets President John F. Kennedy Clinton was part of the Boys Nation when he shook the President's hand in the White House Rose Garden on July Something else they had in common: Interns.

Senator John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy ride in the back of a convertible in the motorcade from the Barnstable Municipal Airport after Senator Kennedy's return from the 1960 Democratic National Convention.

Shortly after his acceptance of the Democratic Party endorsement for President: Senator (and future US President) John F. Kennedy and his wife, future First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, smile and wave from the back of an open-top car.

John F. Kennedy - Limited Edition, Archival Print

John F. Kennedy - Limited Edition, Archival Print

Clinton and JFK

July 1963 - President John F. Kennedy shaking hands with future president, Bill Clinton. Clinton was part of "The Boys' Nation" when he shook the hand of the president in the White House rose garden.

Remembering JFK,

President John F. Kennedy and Mexican President Adolfo Lopez Mateos are showered with tons of confetti and paper, June as they travel down one of Mexico City’s boulevards shortly after Kennedy’s arrival for a three-day visit.

Hilary and Bill Clinton... emblematica immagine:lei in posa come fosse lo sposo...guardate la mano! In effetti ha più carattere lei, the iron woman

Today in 1975 - William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham tied the knot in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Bill was 29 and Hillary was 27 years old. Later, they became well known -- as U. President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

If you're too young to know who this is then you missed out on one of the most poignant memories America has. JFK Jr. saluting at his daddy's funeral.


On July 16, 1999, JFK Jr., Carolyn and her sister were flying to Martha's Vineyard on a private plane piloted by Kennedy. When they did not arrive to their destination as scheduled a search party began looking for them, and after a while with no success they were presumed dead. Their bodies were recovered on July 21.

Another Kennedy gone - 1999 - JFK Jr with his wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy & sister-in-law Lauren tragically died in a plane crash piloted by JFK just off the coast of Martha's Vineyard while on route to his cousin Rory's wedding.