A Wodaabe woman veiled in colorful scarves by Angela Fisher & Carol Beckwith

Wodaabe woman veiled in colourful scarves (photo by Angela Fisher & Carol Beckwith)

Africa | Tuareg nomad on his camel.  Niger || Scanned postcard

Tuareg in Niger - The Tuareg are a Berber people with a traditionally nomadic…

Africa | Wodaabe from Chad | © Marie-Laure de Decker. The Wodaabes are a nomadic cattle herding people group living in Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Chad, and Sudan.

Wodaabe from Chad © Marie-Laure de Decker

Un Moko de femme.

Judge Caren Fox (Ngāti Porou, Rongowhakaata), deputy chief judge of the Waitangi Tribunal and a specialist in international human rights, wears the moko kauae (chin tattoo) and ngutu pūrua (fully tattooed lips). Maori mark of status.

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Joey L : Photographe

By Joey Lawrence, Photographer. A member of the 'Mentawai', a tribe from Indonesia. Faces of a Vanishing World