Mona & Raph's baby pt.3

TMNT - Grandpa Splinter by Myrling on DeviantArt <<< I cant imagine Raph being a dad, it's too weird

tumblr_o0hobb5zbi1uemtuoo1_500.png (500×687)

TMNT - Childhood Trauma by Myrling on DeviantArt Poor Raph, he does care

you have to watch the movies to get this one. (hint: look at turtle in the bottom right corner)

ASDF movie-spike falls over!

.: TMNT comic - Our Hero :. by AquariaSC on DeviantArt

I drew this comic three monts ago. omg, stupid comic, lol XDDD Well, this is kinda aftermath of tmnt episode Parasitica Hope you like it ^^ .: TMNT comic - Our Hero :.

TMNT - Myth AU Origin pg2 by merrypaws on DeviantArt

TMNT - Myth AU Origin pg2 by merrypaws on DeviantArt

Earthling Kiss by giulal on DeviantArt

My first fan art about Raph and official Mona Lisa together, in a very lovely and passionate kiss, an Earth's kiss We got admit it guys, we will never s.

Brother by on @deviantART

Im just speechless. This is a REALLY GOOD example that Leo is a true brother 2 his family.

TMNT Raphaels Presents Extension by Dragona15 on deviantART  At first I was like "Aw, how sweet." And then I got to the last few panels... T.T Oh Raph...

TMNT Raphaels Presents Extension by on deviantART Ow that hurt.

Miwa.. by on @deviantART

by lorna-ka

Mikey and Raph, awww! he loves him........oh.......then hates him, typical.

Mikey and Raph, awww!then hates him, typical.

That tongue thing by 10yrsy on deviantART

just so you know, his mentality is something like: snake, human, so he acts like a pet more ofte. That tongue thing

OTP of the Day: LeoxKarai. I've said it once and I'll say it again- we need some Leorai kissin! Raph and Mikey got smooches on their episode with their chicks. Man (turtle) up!

Swift posted teasing selfies on Instagram- his bros looking at the picture Yeah you can consider these guys have their own Instagram and following each other but my main idea of this drawing is to ...

Turtle Tots React - Yucky Food by Myrling

Damn it Casey. by *Samantai on deviantART

Damn it Casey. by *Samantai on deviantART-Poor Donnie.

Growing up... and growing apart. F*ck you Shreeder!

"You're a wizard Harry"&nbsp; because of the scar? oh well XD couldn't help myself i had to make another turtle tot comic. another theory and this ti.