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German States Before and Since the French Revolution
Map "shows the proportion of "the Colored to the aggregate population," based on first census since the end of the Civil War:

Beautiful, hi-res census maps provide fascinating snapshots of 1870s America

Blackfoot Indians Map | Zeltanfertigung nach Originalfassung des Indianerstammes Sioux
(Map of Prussia in the 1860s) Short history lesson: Prussia was a empire in the Germanic region. And is now the eastern part of Germany once dissolved in the 1900's.
Wirf Deinen Globus weg. Wir müssen Dir was erklären.
Researching your German ancestors takes knowledge and ingenuity. It is not like researching ancestors in America. Germany has only actually been one unified nation since 1871. Many people doing German genealogy research may find this surprising. However, it is an…

Tips for Researching German Genealogy

oldschoolfrp: gameknightrvws: New illustrated map of the Pangaea supercontinent is right out of the Middle Ages A new map in an old style depicting a very old place. This would make a great map for a role playing campaign setting, whether lost world, fantasy, or sci fi. There’s plenty of solid land mass, and all those islands mean endless possibilities for strange random discoveries on each one. (By Richard Morden, available as a poster.)

oldschoolfrp: gameknightrvws: New illustrated... - logangaiarpg

Italy and Germany Map, 1803
There are 4 common types of German surnames. Enter your last name to learn its meaning and origin.
Map - United States in 1783