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Reminder...simple pleasures are sacred!

Lists, always make a list.not necessarily about lists--these are just great things -good things to enjoy.

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Things to do when you are sad! Cheer up :) Ya know, placebos (yes, placebos) can help you cheer up too. click the link for more info and smiiiiile! -- I actually kinda laughed at the first one

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list of things to do if you are feeling bored and bland in your life

SMASH Book of our Travels  I’ve been “smashing” up our memories lately and putting all sorts of loose  little pieces into SMASH books. I especially love our book of travels. I  scan everything I can that I collect on trips so I can use it on digital  scrapbook pages, but I don’t like to throw these types of treasures away.  I’ve found Smashbooking to be the perfect answer for me and we all love to  look through these books. I even bring them with me on vacation sometimes.  You can read more…

SMASH Book of Travels

Ideas for Smash Books and creative journals and ways to organize your Smashbook supplies to get busy working on all of them!

and keep house plants!!-research shows keeping house plants and caring and watering for them makes you happy!!

things you can do to be happier: Go to bed earlier Finish things ahead of time Eat whole food Exercise Be present Organize Listen to music Think positively Drink lots of water Journal Read Be productive Eat fresh fruit Breathe deeply Go for a bike ride

She'll be confident enough with herself to tell me this & I will love her unconditionally in return because of it.

Fall in love with me all of me good and bad. Fall in love with my flaws. Fall in love with all of me, the whole me, the real me. or don't love me at all. Love all of me.