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Füssen, Deutschland

Füssen, Deutschland

Here are some other worldly places that exist right here on Earth.

Here are some other worldly places that exist right here on Earth. Is this where they go to find inspiration for Disney movies?

Abraham Lake, North Saskatchewan River - Alberta, Canada

Abraham Lake, North Saskatchewan River, Western Alberta, Canada - seepicz - See Epic Pictures

Roof of Milan Cathedral,  Milan, Italy

Milan Cathedral, Italy While these cathedrals are truly beautiful, my thinking is: instead of helping the poor as Jesus commanded, the church communities built this super expensive temple/churches/mosques etc. To me this is not spiritual at all

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico | I've already been here once but was too young to observe the history in it..a def do-over

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico; Though technically part of the Puerto Rican capital, the island of Old San Juan is it’s own small town. European-style cobblestone streets add to the charm of this spot, which feels like stepping right into a Spanish colony.

Colmar, France - Travel Guide and Travel Info ~ Tourist Destinations

Colmar, France

Colmar, France Considered one of the most beautiful and fairytale-esque towns in Europe. (I really really want to go to France!) It is so colorful and lively!