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Sehen Sie sich das an: bloody-goth-girl's  Bild auf #PicsArt  Erstellen Sie Ihren eigenen kostenlos https://bnc.lt/f1Fc/shRnheGgst


If you don't know who the creepy one in your group of friends is, that probably means it's you. For a complete tutorial on how to be super creepy, check out The Guest, now playing in theater

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17 Fun and Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas For Your Little Monsters

INSPIRATION - Creepy Eyeball Flowers - blue eyes (No specified source) #halloween #decor

Not a venus eye trap, but close enough! I never thought about drawing various other eye ball flowers, but this image has given me new ideas.

Google Image Result for http://www.halloweenforum.com/attachments/links/115116d1339798513-vintage-halloween-photos-5277724533494196_ewnwqjb0_c.jpg

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25 Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

25 Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

The sense of adventure will never leave us no matter how old we may get. One of the best adventures kids can ever have is Halloween—which is also the perfect excuse for the grown-ups to act child-like once more, if only for one night. But the true charm of Halloween is that all the stuff that should be scary to us just isn’t that scary, but in the contrary, fun and cool. Here are DIYs for Halloween that might curb your decorative rush. Creepy Halloween Front Door Décor Getting creeped out…

Creepy DIY Halloween Decorations For a Spooky Halloween

As someone with a problem with anything to do with eye, this really freaks me out! I am loving this look though and I think would e really striking with a horror bride or vampire Halloween costume.

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Check Out 20 Vampire Halloween Makeup To Inspire You. Vampire makeup can be a fun and easy costume to make and requires materials.

Using old doll heads for lights! Creepy, yet oddly awesome!

The Perfect Bedside Lamp - old base, old doll head, battery operated tea light

This would be funny to have as a prop all season and then actually put a person there on Halloween to jump out but only on the adults. That would just be mean to do to the kids

Creepy Halloween Decor

HOMEWARDfound Decor: That's Scary, Baby! It's simply baby doll heads, painted in ghostly gray tones, swathed in gauze or netting, and then plopped into glass canister jars.