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ENGLISH: Name: Crashocker Fusion between:  Shocksquatch and Crashhopper Species:  ½ Gimlinopithecus ½ Unknown (Unknown Gimlinopithecus hy...

ENGLISH: Name: Crashocker Fusion between: Shocksquatch and Crashhopper Species: ½ Gimlinopithecus ½ Unknown (Unknown Gimlinopithecus hy.

Ultimate Gravattack Ben's Colors by Mastvid on DeviantArt

I used a picture for Albedo's Ultimate Gravattack and gave him the colors Ben Ultimate Gravattack Ben's Colors

ultimate_gravattack___ben_by_general_nicole-d85pt4i.png (1023×873)

Ultimate Gravattack - Ben by Legends-and-Charms

Ultimate Grey Matter by Mastvid on DeviantArt

I gave Ultimate Albedo in Grey Matter's color scheme to create Ultimate Grey Matter the only thing I am unsure of is his skin color Ultimate Grey Matter

Biomnitrix Unleashed - Clocksquatch by rizegreymon22 on DeviantArt

Biomnitrix Unleashed - Clocksquatch by on DeviantArt

Biomnitrix Unleashed - Feedpire by rizegreymon22.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

ENGLISH: Name: Armodrillode Fusion between: Lodestar and Armodrillo Species: 

Ultimate Lodestar by insanedude24.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Ult Lodestar is able to increase the magnitude to anything, not just metal, by creating a magnetic field that sticks to anything.