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Pet Rocks  If one toy could sum up the decade of goofy clothes and disco dancing, it would be the pet rock. The guy who tricked kids into buying rocks is a true hero

The Toys Every '70s Child Knows and Loves

Pet Rock: Is arguably one of the most pointless yet genius toys ever invented. The Pet Rock was a brief fad during the 1975 Christmas season, but it made Gary Dahl a millionaire overnight.

Vintage Fischer Price Music Teaching Clock Toy by EdSmithDesigns

Vintage Fischer Price Music Teaching Clock Toy A nice Fisher Price vintage toy. This music box teaching clock I s in working order. Wind the

8 track

Eight-track tapes. We got a new car with an eight track player.

Image detail for -1970's 'Myer' Dragster three speed gears, purple with purple ...

Lite Brite making things with light. Have a blast making things with Lite Brite. Except my brother and I would say Have a fight making things with Lite Brite!

This game would pinch your fingers if you weren't careful - in the 70s no one cared if someone got hurt playing these games! I probably still have it somewhere

game Booby Trap loved this game. Don't play it with your brother or your son if they have nasty tempers!

Did you ever shop here?  My grandmother and I rode the bus to Woolworth's to buy her sewing notions when I was a little girl.  Had lunch at the soda fountain every time we went.

Woolworth's--Oh, I remember this store with fond memories. After shopping with my Mom, we would have something at the lunch counter and I would twirl on the stool.

The red station wagon with wood panels. Good times.

Went on a family trip in one of these station wagons. Jammed a pile of kids & drive across the usa! Sitting backwards in the station wagon - no car seats.no seat belts.

a card of plastic dolls, old stock from an Aussie corner shop

Plastic Teenage Dolls in original cardboard packaging, measuring in at a tiny 5 cms approx.

National Panasonic - Cassette Recorder in the 1970's.

Panasonic cassette tape recorder - I used to put the mic in front of the TV to record my favourite songs from Top Of The Pops