Vanja Todoric

I did this illustration for someone who loves owl\'s and hates winter :)hope you like it.

Hansel and Gretel. Fantasy RPG Illustrations / Derek Stratton

Hansel & Gretel for me one of the scariest fairy tales. Derek Stratton, Hansel and Gretel

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful:  The Whale by Kyle McQueen

The Whale. Would be a cool art project. Looking at things from a different perspective. -Emphasis because your eye goes directly to the huge whale so close to the small boat.

“The Army of Wool” by Kyoung Hwan Kim a.k.a. Tahra* • Blog/Website | ( • Online Store | (

“The Army of Wool” by Kyoung Hwan Kim a. Tahra* Clearly army of cute.

IllustrationWeston-super-mare  No color, but has similar geometry to the crystal. Gives the owl a lot of texture.

30 illustrations graphiques autour des animaux - Inspiration graphique #9

The owl has a lot of great texture. It is made with simple geometric shapes. The owl is still powerful in black and white. It's an interesting crop of the owl. I wish I could see more of the owl like his wings.

Don't worry, I have it covered by ~ailah on deviantART

Discover the beautiful work of Therese Larsson, freelance illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden, specialising in character design and realism who's recen