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Interesting origin of the Chinese "take out" box. Wonder if you can unfold the Origami Owl Take Out boxes to form a plate. :) http://facebook.com/origamiowl.sheilabennett

Stacy Makes Cents The Daily Duh - Do you know what I just found out? Chinese take out boxes are meant to be folded out flat into plates! WHO KNEW? I don't even like Chinese food, but this just amazed me. I'm easily amazed. LOL Tip from Food Beast.

24 Everyday Things You Never Knew Even Had A Purpose

24 Everyday Things You Never Knew Even Had A Purpose


Mais 30 fotos de gentileza que provam que o mundo pode ser melhor

25 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel interrupts a woman's job interview over the phone to give his personal recommendation.

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Pin for Later: 79 Hacks That Will Change Your Life Turn a Popcorn Bag Into a Bowl Greasy arms no more. Instead of reaching deep into a popcorn bag, enjoy the treat by ripping strategically and creating your own resourceful bowl.

Mind blown-no wonder I love those truffles!

My favorite chocolates are Ferreo's. I had never had Nutella before. I was searching on the interwebz looking for history of the chocolate and discovered. Nutella was from the same chocolate man.I have been addicted to Nutella since.

OMG - my life just changed...

Fabulous idea for seasoning your food. Take your favorite chips break them up with a mortar and pestle and place them in a pepper mill, grind them over your favorite food for that extra kick of seasoning you love!

"I'm sorry for the joke I made about tattooing portraits of your childrens faces. I see now, it was a pretty good likeness, after all."

Bad Tattoos Photoshopped Onto Real-Life Faces - It's a horror movie! If you don't get a real portrait artist to do your tattoo, your kids (wife, girlfriend, whatever) face changes to match the tattoo!

Has estado dispensando Tic Tacs de forma incorrecta.

18 Productos del día a día que has estado usando mal

You’ve been dispensing Tic Tacs the hard way. Avoid shaking it out by letting a mint gently glide into the tiny lid crevice.


color illusions art MORE OF WTF FUN FACTS are coming HERE illusions and fun facts- put your finger in the middle.woahhh mind blowing but only works if you look at your finger

23 gifs de reacciones qu�micas y f�sicas completamente extra�as

23 gifs de reacciones químicas y físicas completamente extrañas

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Doblegar una samarreta en 5 segons / Folding a shirt in 5 seconds

Good party tips

Keys to a Successful Launch Party with your new Origami Owl Business! Host a Jewelry Bar with me!