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Calico Kitten Godiva

Vidalia's Kittens: Godiva [redux] - May 2012

Ravenwhimsy's Wonderful World

Little smile (by Rose Fluo)

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" I knows dat human iz a dog purrson cuz he thinks bein' told he haz 'dog breath' iz a compliment.

Calico kitten... You will be mine! <3

You will be mine!



I bought myself something today

DFA tribute to furry luv❤️

My dog and my neighbor's cat and dog hang out with me every day that I work in my flower garden. I love to see them wandering in the garden.

/i think she lives with Blance Du Bois ( streetcar )

Calico cat hanging out of an old window.

cute calico kitten pic

Blossompaw, apprentice to Sootfang, extremely pretty mottled she-cat with dazzling eyes.

Calico kitten

Meet Luxie! Our Newest Kitty Cat -

Calico kitten Reminds me of my sweet Tiger 💕

Lovely calico

Sweet little two toned kitty


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* * " Iz heard of dat Freddie Krueger. Gotz to beez cautious whenz goin' arounds corners."

Gift From Heaven

calico kittens

calico kittens


i love grey cats