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one squirt of this and you never told your Mom you had a sore throat ever again! Heck naw hated this nasty stuff!

Wacky Packages. We all thought they were hilarious... I still think they're fun!

Wacky Packages - This is what I remember! Pre Garbage Pail Kids and totally discusting. I have to fine the Crust toothpaste sticker.

Old game systems!  You had to flip this switch on your tv to play Atari!

Video game switch used to play "Pong" then switch back to watch TV!

Who remembers returning their bottles for a refund? :)

We drank pop from glass bottles and returned the bottles to the store to collect the deposit. That's usually how I got my spending money, lugging all those bottles back to the store.nothing like ice cold Pepsi straight from the bottle.I loved it!

Buster Brown Brand When I was a little girl I used to drag my mom to the Buster Brown Shoe Store.  Would show her the pair I was lusting for and then tell her they only had one pair left in my size!  Eventually to shut me up no doubt she would get them for me!!!  Spoiled child?  Yes!

Buster Brown Shoes--everybody had a pair of Buster Brown's." I'm Buster Brown, I live in a shoe. That's my dog, Tige, he lives there too!

Crack for kids!

Old school lids! Pop it up with a butter knife! Nestles Quik hot chocolate & toast for breakfast every morning.

70s-child: Ever tried to lift one of these things???  Still have one in the Living Room.

Giant console TV sets with no remote, and your parents made you get up and turn the channel lol. I remember we got our first remote tv when I was 6 years old.

1980s McDonald's styrofoam coffee cup

McDonald's styrofoam coffee cup (I didn't drink coffee but I sure remember McDonalds logo looking like this on all of their products)!