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Giant leopard moth.. Austin, Texas, U.S (by nikkorsnapper)

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Moth in Isalo National Park, Madagascar        by Karl Lehmann

Suraka Silk Moth {Antherina suraka} ~ Photographed in Isalo National Park, Madagascar. © Karl Lehmann Doesn`t it look like a swooping down owl ?


Garden tiger moth - Arctia caja The best color combinations are inspired by nature.


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The Shiny Squirrel — silvaris:     White Ermine Moth by Barry Cook

The Shiny Squirrel — silvaris: White Ermine Moth by Barry Cook Does anyone else think of Cruella De Vil?

A Saturniidae moth caterpillar.

A spectacular Saturniidae Moth caterpillar. Isn't he amazing! ~~ This is certainly the "prettiest" bug, or insect, or whatever class this falls into. Certainly quite colorful thats for sure!

Bizarre Looper Moth (Anisozyga pieroides)

Bizarre Looper Moth (Anisozyga pieroides) reminds me of an old world map. How delightfully beautiful!

Moon Moth ttps://www.google.ca/search?q=moon+moths+facts&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=PhcxUqnWL7Ta2wXNr4HABg&ved=0CDcQsAQ&biw=1584&bih=761&dpr=1

*COMET or MOON MOTH ~ (Argema mittrei) Taken at the Natural History Museum butterfly exhibition Explored June

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Garden Tiger Moth - ladies chiffon blouse, blue blouses for ladies, white blouse with sleeves *ad

Amerila Nigropunctata

Amerila Nigropunctata