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Trick question. You're talking about both Lance McClain AND Leo Valdez

You're talking about both Lance McClain AND Leo Valdez <<< both my precious boys who deserve the world ;


I can't see half of these happening. I wish instead of Jason and Percy being friends in the BoO, it was more Jason and Leo or Jason and Nico < I dont really ship them. even as BrOTP.

Oh, my gosh. THIS IS SO ADORABLE!<--- he. Is. Not. Adorable. He is the night!!!

How many times do we have to go over this? I'm am the night. The night is not adorable.

Sally: of course I don't blame you, Annabeth dear. Sally to Percy: You're grounded. And when I say grounded, I mean GROUNDed. Percy: BUT MO- Sally: DON'T MOM ME MISTER! NO COOKIES FOR A MONTH! Percy: NOOOOOOOOOOO! I read this in Molly's voice.

SO ACCURATE. and I love how Sally is the biggest Percabeth shipper! Harry Potter, Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus crossover

Where's Frank? by TheOneWhoLovesToEat on deviantART

I saw another one where the olives were flirting with her and Percy says "Come on Coach! We're making olive oil!

No rick!

OMG I love you Leo! I hate Rick Riordan and yet he's my hero at the same time.


It's saying Percy should have looked back because he wouldn't see it again in a long time.<<<how dare you<< I think it meant that they looked back in the book.

demigod puns>>> I love how nico did a punishment at the end

Does anyone understand what happened at the end? I basically died laughing, "You're all dead to me." I guess Nico can make his own puns :)

Most annoying habit...

I love this pin so much I can't even state it. Oh Effie. Yes dear, it's mahogany. We should invite Grover and have a furniture party! The only thing is I don't really like the Hunger Games.